Mattie Fresno
A graduate of Julliard's Drama Division, Angela has won critical praise for her role as Catherine in David Auburn’s Pulitzer Prize-winning play "Proof." Recently, she was chosen to understudy Natasha Richardson in the Broadway production of "A Streetcar Named Desire" for the Roundabout Theater Company.

Dr. Raff Buddemeyer
Veteran performer, Orson Bean has done it all. His films include "Anatomy of a Murder" and "Being John Malkovich". His stage appearances include "Mister Roberts", "Promises, Promises" and "Subways are for Sleeping." On TV he was a regular panelist on "To Tell the Truth" and "I've Got a Secret" and a favorite as general store owner Mr. Bray on "Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman." Orson now appears as a semi-regular on "Two and a half Men."

Phoebe Lynn Slidell
Carol began a modeling career with Elite Agency and was first
to be labeled "Supermodel."
She then went on to appear in numerous European television and feature film productions.
Her work was recognized with
2 Telegattos (Italian Emmy);
a European Oscar Moda; the Golden Ticket Box-Office Award; the Mont Blanc Award and the Certificate del Arte.

Detective Journell
Robert is most familiar to TV viewers as Officer Sean Murphy on the hit HBO Original Series "Oz." He recently debuted in the acclaimed Broadway revival of "Twelve Angry Men." Robert can also be seen as FBI Agent King
in Sydney Pollack's film "The Interpreter."
Mattie Fresno and the Holoflux Universe Mattie's hallucination


Millie Fresno Catherine Hickland
Dr. Kubelkoff Robert Walden
Liz Ilene Kristen
Fred Fresno John Ottavino
Vinnie/Damiano Garry Pastore
Frank/Cosmo TJ Stone
Sgt. Spelt Michele Santopietro
East European Son Evan Neumann
Lab Director Francis Dumaurier
Brian McCormack
Father Corso Michael Philip Del Rio
Lab Assistant Will Janowitz
Father William Erik Steele
Gail Maria Soccor
Nick Nick Santino
Riuzo Jinn S. Kim

East European Woman Goldie Zwiebel
East European Man Jim Coope
Mattie Age 10 Heather Tepe
Media Family Son Zachary Lapes
Media Family Mom Felicity Jones
Media Family Dad Robert Bryson
Janitor/Devil Victor Colicchio
Charley Rhodes Mark La Mura
Game Show Host Jim Wisniewski
Bill Dipple Michael Quinlan
Grey Haired Doctor Jerome Richards
Dr. Rifkin Dennis Predovic
Lab Technician Michael Cuomo
Pushy Reporter Jane Fergus
Reporter At Factory Jed Sexton
Young David Gabe Goodman

Nurse Pam La Testa
Birthing Room Nurse Alexis Iacono
Rabbi Neil Levine
Priest Jack O’Connell
Buddhist Monk Akira Takayama
Minister James Flaherty
Hindu Priest R.N. Rao
Sound Therapist Bill Chemerka
Vitamin Doctor Jesus Del Rosario, Jr.
Physicist Morrenson William Stone Mahoney
Physicist Ellerman Charles Dinstuhl
Physicist Thoane Gerry McCambridge
Justin Eddie McGee
Police Matron
Jill Claster
Naz Homa
Birthing Doctor Lawrence Balter

Al Lewis
A talen
ted actress and come-
dian, Ellen was a "Saturday
Night Live" regular for four
seasons, delighting fans with
her many impressions and
regular characters such as
Queen Shenequa
. She then
went to the WB Network with
her sitcom, "Cleghorne".
Since then, Ellen has appear-
ed in major features such as "Little Nicky"; "Armageddon";
"Coyote Ugly" and "Old

Beverly Hills, 90210 alum,
Daniel went on as a regular in
"All My Children" followed by
his longtime role as Bill Lewis
on "The Guiding Light". He has
been seen on screen in "The
Object of My Affection" and
"National Lampoon's Van
Wilder." Daniel will soon be a
regular in ABC's new drama
"In Justice"

Russel Griss
Charlie is best known as a
regular performer and con-
tributing writer on Comedy
Central's "Chappelle Show."
He's appeared in "Mo' Better
Blues", "Jungle Fever" and
"The Player's Club." Charlie
has also written "Paper
Soldiers" and co-wrritten
"Vampire in Brooklyn" with
brother Eddie.

Moe Fresno
Longtime fans remember
Will Lyman as star of the
adventure series "Crossbow"
in which he portrayed
legendary hero William Tell. Will has had featured roles in
"The Crucible"; "The Siege";
"A Perfect Murder" and as
FBI Agent Birden in Clint
Eastwood's "Mystic River."
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