Mattie Fresno and the Holoflux Universe Mattie's hallucination

Mattie Fresno and the Holoflux Universe DVD
Sadly, nothing could be further from
the truth. All
Phoebe Lynn
Fragrances are produced in the
Chernkrovna Republic, a former
soviet satellite. "Windswept" perfume,
in particular, was manufactured in
the small town of Zerjchya at the
former "People's Chemical Weapons

Despite Phoebe Lynn's claims that
she, "built them a million dollar
factory," common sense indicates
such an undertaking would cost
several hundred million. The truth is
Ms. Slidell paid roughly one million
dollars to convert their cold war
weapons technology for her
commercial purposes.

“Director Phil Gallo’s imaginative journey with
 an elliptical thrust that showcases actress 
 Angela Pierce’s talent and beauty to the best 
 possible advantage. A must-see!”
       — Jeremiah Newton,
    Host of NYU’s “Directors Series”

Winner: Best Director Award Phil Gallo Winner: Best Supporting Actor Orson Bean

Top Five Holoflux Questions
1. What is the Holoflux Universe?

2. Isn't "Windswept Perfume"
     made in Hawaii or California?

3. Why was Raff Buddemeyer
     ridiculed by his peers?

4. What caused Mattie's condition?

5. Why not step on the grape?

Mattie's diagnosis was
hard to pin down.

The cause for her "so-
called condition" really
depended on who you

Come back later on –
after visiting some other
pages on the site and you
just might get some other
As Raff Buddemeyer's work began to push
the envelope of traditional physics, many
in the field saw fit to raise their voices in
opposition. The situation grew worse and
early in 1989, things came to a head at the
annual meeting of theoretical physicists.

The January 13th edition of "The West New
York Enquirer" gave a detailed report of
what later became known as the "New
Year's Luncheon Massacre."

For the past few decades, physicists have
theorized that everything in the universe, every
thing that we experience as separate and
unconnected, is actually linked on the level
of a deeper underlying reality.

Early in 1970s, Mattie's grandfather, Dr. Raff
Buddemeyer sent this note to a colleague.
He used the example of the holographic
process to describe a multidimensional
universe in which all things are dynamically

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